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We’re always on the lookout for the next generation of talented and highly motivated IT/IQ team members to help us achieve our ambitious goals and to further grow a fresh, dynamic, and diverse company culture.

Why should you join our team?

As experts in the employment industry, we know precisely what separates a good job from a bad one. We’ve taken the time to create a compelling opportunity to attract the very best. After all, we can’t be the leaders in our industry without the best team! Here’s what IT/IQ can offer:

Corporate Culture and Environment

IT/IQ has a tight-knit team where each member is given the full support of their peers and leaders. Teamwork is such a core component of our organizational fabric that it is woven into our business processes; an individual working alone simply cannot achieve success in IT/IQ.

Strength of Our Leadership Team

Our management and leadership group is approachable, available, and genuinely committed to ensuring the success of every member in their team, without micromanaging. Our strategic direction is continually reviewed to make sure we’re working towards the larger goals for our people and company.

Compensation and Benefits

An independent competitive compensation analysis conducted in 2014 confirmed that IT/IQ offered higher earning potential than all other British Columbia based organizations in our industry. In turn, IT/IQ further increased our compensation package, including a higher base salary than any of the competition.

Career Advancement Potential Offered

IT/IQ takes career advancement and planning very seriously. We conduct regular assessments of our team structure and team members’ short and long-term goals, motivations, and aptitudes in order to develop individualized growth plans.