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Candidate Testimonials

At IT/IQ, we treat the professionals we partner with with the respect and care they deserve. As a result, we’ve received some fantastic feedback over the years. Here are some of the comments we have received from our network of IT consultants:

“I have enjoyed working with IT/IQ because they provide access to a wide variety of consulting opportunities and communicate effectively with me. My recruitment consultant was easy to reach, explained their processes effectively, kept in touch and made sure all my questions were answered.”
— Ales, Business Analyst

“I have partnered with IT/IQ for a number of years. As a result my career path moved higher and I got opportunities to work with clients I would have had difficulty to find on my own. The IT/IQ team is always proactive, helpful and really cares about their consultants’ needs. I would recommend IT/IQ as a premier IT consulting and staffing company in the Greater Vancouver Area.”
— Alexander, Database Administrator

“In my experience of having worked with IT/IQ for many years, the team there works very collaboratively, and that on its own serves as a solid foundation to helping you find great opportunities; they are all trying to help you. I personally have worked with many high-profile clients through IT/IQ, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
— Manni, Project Manager

“I’ve been in the consulting business for more than 10 years and for the majority of that time I have been working through IT/IQ. They are extremely well connected, informed and transparent about potential opportunities so I have been able to plan and smoothly transition from one client to another. On a personal note, I’ve always enjoyed the regular meetings I have with IT/IQ account managers to discuss how we could extend and further improve our relationship.”
— Milan, Project Manager

“IT/IQ has been instrumental in making my move to Vancouver successful, supporting me in shaping my communication with potential employers and matching me with positions suited for my skills and experience.”
— Régis, Project Manager

“IT/IQ gave me the professional confidence I required to become a successful IT consultant. They stayed true to their word in finding me the right job assignment and have been proactive in making sure that I have access to all of the professional support I require. Thanks for your support.”
— Brian, Business Systems Analyst

“I’ve been consulting in Vancouver for more than 6 years now and I’ve found IT/IQ to be consistent in their ability to match me with the right employer. Thanks to them I was able to find exactly the contract I wanted when I wanted: they are very professional, fast acting and always deliver on their promises. I will not hesitate to use them as my first choice in the future and I warmly recommend their services to other IT consultants.”
— Eugen, Software Developer

“The IT/IQ recruitment team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism. They are knowledgeable, and the great network that IT/IQ has is invaluable. They make sure to match the skills and experience of the candidate to the available jobs, and follow up with you after you started working to make sure you are satisfied and happy. I will recommend IT/IQ for anyone looking not for a job but a career.”
— Felipe, QA Analyst

“IT/IQ has such a conscientious and motivated team – it’s one of the reasons that I enjoy partnering with the company. I appreciate the end-to-end consulting management that IT/IQ provides, but the main reason I remain with IT/IQ is the professional relationship with my Recruitment Consultant. He is positive, supportive, consistent and genuinely interested in ensuring that the opportunities offered are in alignment with my career interests and goals. It has been extremely important for me to have a stable single point of contact over the years, and I am very happy that IT/IQ has continued to support him as my go-to resource.”
— Martha, Project Manager