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Good recruiters understand that recruitment consists of so much more than simply finding and hiring candidates. IT/IQ offers a tailored recruitment solution, which encompasses a suite of services beyond recruitment to provide additional value at no extra cost.

IT/IQ’s value-added supporting services include:

Market Intelligence Reporting

IT/IQ continually monitors real-time market information to understand and predict the ebbs and flows of the local IT industry. Each quarter, we provide a detailed analysis to our clients to aid in IT direction, budgeting, project scheduling, and resource planning.

IT/IQ Lecture Series

IT/IQ hosts regular seminars to provide our clients with valuable learning and networking opportunities. This lecture series explores hot-button business, industry, and technology issues.

Vendor on Premise

IT/IQ can provide our clients with an onsite IT recruitment expert to directly support internal recruitment efforts. Whether you require project, team, or to support sustained operational staffing requirements, IT/IQ can provide exclusive, full-time recruitment services to support your IT initiatives and deliver real-time transparency into the progress of each search.

IT/IQ Project Co-location Solutions

If a lack of workspace is limiting your growth potential, IT/IQ offers dedicated, managed office space to operationalize costs that would typically fall under capital expenditures.

Consultant Relocation Services

IT/IQ’s team of relocation specialists is dedicated to providing end-to-end relocation support to IT professionals, to ensure a hassle-free relocation experience.

Strategic Business Support and Education

IT/IQ’s retained subject matter experts, specialized in various technologies, methodologies, and program deliverables, are available provide expertise, insight and support for your major initiatives.

Interview Facilitation & Onsite Interview Hosting

IT/IQ provides logistical and interviewing services and facilities to ensure that both our client and potential candidates experience a comfortable and focused interview and screening process.

Payroll & Contract Administration Services

IT/IQ’s cloud-based time and expense tracking system is provided to all IT/IQ IT consultants and clients, free of charge. This service is also available to organizations wishing to outsource payroll administration for ‘flow-through’ consultants.